We feel very fortunate to have access to so many great  resources. These resources include the rich riverside loam in which we grow our plants, a manageable size, close proximity to the mid-Atlantic and northeast states, and a quality infrastructure put in place by Woody Cumbo over a twenty-five years.  While all of these are great assets, none are greater and more beneficial than the Bremo Trees Field staff, led by foreman Adan Mondragon.  

Adan has been leading the daily operation of Bremo Trees for the past 18 years and has done so to the best of his ability each and every day.  He has developed a keen and in depth understanding of all operations, gaining recognition for the quality product he routinely produces.  Adan is assisted each day in the nursery by his two brothers Salvador and Arturo as well as Arturo’s son Freddy.

The Mondragons have been working together as a cohesive unit for many years now and operate as a well oiled machine.  They bring knowledge, dedication and efficiency to the field, not to mention impressive physical strength and mental fortitude.  The Mondragons are an easy going, happy group, who always have a smile to offer and have an amazing knack for demonstrating friendship without saying a word.  

There is little doubt that in 2014 our greatest strength at Bremo Trees is our field staff!