The word team in this day and age is most commonly associated with sports, and like most good sports teams when all the players are talented, driven, on the same page and totally bought into the system, the sky’s the limit.  Here at Bremo Trees our Team exemplifies all of these qualities and more.  My name is Thomas Keller and I am the grower at Bremo.  This February will mark my first full year with the company and I couldn’t be more excited about the future of Bremo.  Our Team is very passionate about trees and it shows in the trees and our nursery.  Regardless of age, race, sex or stature the love for the tress and the work involved is the same.  Every member of our Team brings something different to the table whether it be years of experience or fresh ideas.  Each morning our Team assembles with the same goal in mind, growing and selling the nicest Bremo Tree possible.  Just in case anybody asks you what a Bremo Tree is, your response is: “A damn fine tree!”