There are few jobs more important in today’s society than the truck driver.  They are the bloodline of the economy, transporting the products that fuel businesses and consumers alike.  In the nursery industry, shipping is as important as growing, as nearly every sale is transported to the customer by a truck driver.

At Bremo Trees, we have been blessed to work with two great truckers over the past eight years.  Johnny Chaulkley and Robert Buczek are in many ways the face of Bremo Trees, as they are the one you see when the trees arrive.   Johnny is typically the one who hauls larger flatbed loads and sometimes smaller gooseneck loads.  Robert has a large gooseneck that can carry up to 19,000 lbs., which is perfect for midsize jobs that don’t warrant the full flatbed.  Between the two, they hauled over three hundred individual loads of Bremo Trees last year.

Both Robert and Johnny are good natured, reliable individuals.  In every instance the have been true to their word, never missing a scheduled delivery.  They are crucial members of the Bremo Trees team, and we feel very blessed to be working with them.